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Lived in Blondes

Lived in Blondes

People always ask me what my favorite hair color technique is. The answer is always the same, "whatever looks the most beautiful on my client". Now with that being said, I have a love affair with blondes. Blonde hair has so many different tones and textures. It can be matte or shiny it can be golden or more wheat like. There are endless options and possibilities. When finding the right blonde for you I start with three things: skin tone, eye color and lifestyle. 

Skin tone will tell you the tone that your color should be, weather your hair should be more warm or cool. Eye color will determine how light or dark you should go lighter level eyes will lift higher and look more natural then the darker eye levels. Lastly, lifestyle will determine the type of technique you should have. If you are someone who is dedicated to your blonde hair you can have some techniques that are higher maintenance such as platinum, vivids or extra light blonde. If you are more low maintenance you should go with more natural looking techniques such as a lived in color or simple classic highlights. 

More and more of my clients are shifting into the more classic hair colors or lived in colors to create more longevity in-between appointments. My favorite thing to do with the more classic blonde is to do a classic half head and use lightener around their face and then progress to a highlift color towards the back. I usually blend out the ends with baylayage pieces and it always looks great. (that is the technique in the photo above.) Now remember when getting a free hand service the prices will increase, but you will be getting your hair done a lot less, so it evens out. 

Another option for those of you who need grey coverage, but want to keep the maintenance down is to get your roots and highlights done ever other service. I recommend to my clients that get their highlights and a base color that they get the base color touched up every 4 weeks and the highlights and base color every 8. That usually is every other application and it works out for them really well. It is much more cost effective as well. Always finish with your color care products at home to keep your blondes looking fresh and healthy. 

Below I will list my favorite aftercare for blondes:

Rikoko- Lock Shampoo and Condtioner 

Dp Hue- Cool Blonde Shampoo

Rikoko- Opal/ violet Leave in condtioner

TIGI- Haute Iron spray for thermal protection 

IGK- Beach Texture spray for after blowout messy beach blonde look

Its a 10- Miracle leave in with keratin for rebuilding 

TIGI- Dumb Blonde smoothing stuff for a smooth blowout after color


Photo: Meagan Forbes for Tusc Co. Model: Rachel Stevens


ACV Rinse

ACV Rinse

Maracuja oil

Maracuja oil