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Poshmark 101

Poshmark 101





Everyone has the moment when they realize they are in debt and not in love with their wardrobe. That’s when we all rush to our closets to see what we could sell to the local thrift store or Plato’s Closet. When you bring all of your previously loved items to sell they only give you like 10% of what it’s worth. REALLY? It makes you leave feeling crappy about your situation, fear not my fellow shopaholics there is another way.

I was introduced to the online application Poshmark by my friend who said she had sold a few items on it. I was a little nervous because I had only had success with eBay and that took way too long to figure out. But I really wanted to sell some of my stuff, so I did a bit more research to figure out how it all goes down. Poshmark is an App that you can list buy sell or trade for items. You fill out a brief description of the item and take some photos and post it, once it’s in your closet others can see it and ask questions about it and then purchase it. If they purchase the item it adds their shipping costs so it’s very easy for the seller, you just need to package it up and send it on its way. As soon as the buyer gets it the money goes into your account. Poshmark does have a fee per sale but it’s very minimal if the item is over 15$ Poshmark only takes 20%.

Over the last 6 months I have sold over 1,000$ of clothing and I’m going to share my experiences with you. I’ve had many people ask me how I get more sales so I’m going to share my secrets on how to list and item and what they suggest you do when you package the item. I hope you all get to listing and make some extra money for yourselves. Happy Poshing!


Where you start

-Pick Items that have recognizable brand names. If they are more mainstream brands there are more people likely to buy it. Don’t list things from Target, Forever 21 ext. They are already inexpensive.

-Make sure they are in top condition, no stains no buttons missing ext.

-Freshly launder the Items, make sure they smell nice not like food, dogs, cigs ext.

-Steam them. (wrinkles look bad in photos)

-Take GOOD Photos, good lighting, nice backgrounds if you hang them use a nice hanger. If you take photos of yourself in them make sure you look nice and styled. People buy a look not just an item.

-Have correct information on the product original price, size, fit, people will check.


How to List successfully

Once you have the information and the photos you need to decide on the selling price. This is where you have to get really humble. When you buy something you have an emotional attachment, buyers that are looking at your item do not have the same attachment. Get humble and find out what the lowest you will sell the item for. I usually list at least half of the original price. If the item is listed too high, it will not sell. Make sure to answer all the questions people have about your item. You never know what information will make them buy it. If they offer something close to the listed price but you want more counter, a counter offer is better than no deal at all.  Remember the key is to be humble when you take the feelings out of it, it’s called business.


It sold now what

YAY!! It sold. Now you need to package your item up and send it out.

-Wrap it up nicely, I use tissue paper and a cute string to package it up like a little present

-Write the buyer a little thank you note, make them feel special

-Give your business card with your contact information for future sales

-Write down your social media accounts if you sell on them as well.

-I’m a hair dresser so I always have little beauty samples, ill through one of those in too anything to make the buyer feel great is awesome!

- Print out your label and stick it on your Priority Mail box or envelope, when I got to the post office I always grab a few to have at the house.

-Having a printer is also a must, I always save by printing out my labels and sending them in my mailbox.


Keep it going

Keep your momentum going, make sure to keep adding to your closet and checking either reducing your prices or responding to messages. I try and post according to the weather outside, no one is going to buy sweaters in summer so upload weather appropriate clothing.

Look for sales on name brand clothing, buy and then sell them for a little above the sale price, people don’t have time to hunt for a deal so they will buy anything that looks like a good deal.

Stay current, out of date items won’t sell. Lastly pay attention to your rating the higher your rating the more buyers will trust your closet, more buyers that like your stuff and dealing with you the more sales you will have.  Don’t stop after a few sales keep it going.



I hope this was all helpful if you have any more questions, please contact me at

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